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eranthomson 07-30-2019 09:06 PM

Restore to a different, but identical Mac
My MacBookPro 15 2012 died (fell out of my bag while I was on my motorbike)

I backed it up the day before :-)

What Id like to do is restore from SuperDuper to an identical MacBookPro that we have Ideally recreating the same computer settings, set up, apps, email accounts, etc without too much hassle so it feels like nothing happened.

What's the best way to do this please?

I prefer not to do a "clean" install of the OS and start completely from scratch.

dnanian 07-30-2019 10:14 PM

Eran, as I said in response to your email, you should start up from the backup, properly erase the internal, then restore to it.

eranthomson 07-30-2019 11:49 PM

Thank you.
I'm slow to get email at the moment with my current Mac not working :-)

eranthomson 07-31-2019 07:08 AM

Just in case my email back didn't get through...

1. We have another nearly identical mac but it's HD is 500GB and mine is 1TB - the backup is around 680GB - is there a way to resolve this?

2. I discovered that the possible replacement Mac has a broken USB port and weak battery so I'm considering just ponying up for a new one. If wanted to get as close to a clean install as possible and try to avoid transferring over tons of old system crud, can I do this? ie migrate from a SuperDuper backup to a brand new Mac?


dnanian 07-31-2019 08:29 AM

It came through, but after 10pm my time, so I didn't get to it until 8am or so. Sorry: I have to sleep every so often.

Anyway, here's what I said (slightly edited, since you've changed the phrasing and questions):

Well, it's not good that your data doesn't fit.

You'll need to exclude something large. I don't know what that's going to be, since only you know your data. But you'll use a copy script to do it - the User's Guide explains how in general.

It might be wise to get a 1TB SSD and put that into the system, then restore. Or now, given you know this isn't a very good Mac, to get a good one with an appropriately sized drive.

You can definitely migrate from a SuperDuper backup to a new Mac. Do it at first boot, as explained in this FAQ:

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