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Irl 04-17-2017 04:18 PM

Sparsebundle greyed out in SD but mountable
I wanted to restore a HD partition from a recent SD! backup sparsebundle (which is stored on a different HD partition, WD_Bkps, but is not a separate volume). In SD!, trying "Copy" from Disk Image... (using Restore - all files) and then navigating to WD_Bkps, all of the sparsebundles there are greyed out. However, if I double-click any of them in Finder it mounts and then appears in the SD! Copy pulldown menu (and works fine for the restore). It would be nice if that second step weren't necessary. Is there something wrong with my approach? This is all on El Capitan on a MacBook Pro.
I looked at the advice you give in this this thread but I don't seem to need to invoke hdiutil since Finder mounts it without kvetching.

dnanian 04-17-2017 04:19 PM

Correct and as documented: you open the bundle (or sparse image) and restore from its mounted image "volume", which is a virtual disk... hdiutil is for when you were running from a CD back in the day, where you couldn't mount any other way.

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