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Yggdrasil 06-04-2007 11:01 AM

Migrate from HFS+ case-sensitive to insensitive via SD!?
Hi folks,

When trying to install Adobe CS3 it appears it doesn't support case-sensitive filesystems, gives a warning and refuses to install. (curses Adobe!:mad: )

So I thought I would just backup my case-sensitive Macbook HD to a firewire HD through the all-files option in SuperDuper!, and restore it on a case-INsensitive formatted HD. This shouldn't cause any problems since the system is recently installed, I haven't created any conflicting files and I'm guessing OS X and most installed applications also don't create any files that could conflict when the filesystem is 'case-desensitized ;) '.

It doesn't work however, since SuperDuper! formats the destination filesystem to be the same as the source, before copying. :(

Any thoughts? Is it possible to override the erase step in SD! and manually format the filesystem beforehand, or should I use another utility to restore my backup? Any suggestions are welcome before I spend another weekend doing a full reinstall, again.


dnanian 06-04-2007 11:04 AM

Try doing a Smart Update rather than an erase, then copy.

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