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disk dumb 05-10-2006 05:40 PM

How I erased a drive (and might you help me?)
I made a major mistake.

I accidently did a smart update of my laptop hard drive (nearly full 100gb - let's call this drive one) onto a 500gb hard drive (drive two) which was full of personal work. The superior tragedy of this is that is was during my first attempt to back up the 500gb drive to a 1tb drive (drive three) which means that there is no back of any of the lost data. Also, unfortunately, drive two was nearly full of data. Now, I know that at least 100gb of data is gone from drive two, but do people have any ideas how to go about getting any data back from drive two that surely still exists there? We are talking about hundreds of thousands of files, so I know it's gonna be a mess. I had precious Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro audio projects on the drive and might be willing to pay a fairly substantial fee.

Any thoughts about what steps I should?

And, specifically, is there any record from Super Duper - a log file or anything - that would help a technician recover the files?

Also, I am in New York City, if people have recommendations on where to get help.

Thanks so much.

dnanian 05-10-2006 06:18 PM

Oh, jeez -- I'm sorry to hear that, disk dumb. There's no record that would help, but hopefully the files are still there (or most of them). What I'd suggest is grabbing a copy of Data Rescue II first. See if the demo (which you should download onto something other than the drive you copied to) looks like it'll recover the files... you'll get an idea from that...

gryphonent 05-14-2006 06:31 AM

I would invest in Data Rescue II from Prosoft Engineering. It helped me to recover files once. Not sure how SD does the backup, but as long as the files are not overwritten, Data Rescue may be able to recover them. Check Versiontracker for their site.

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