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yanez 06-15-2011 05:32 AM

Superduper!, Windows and Winclone
I have found several thread here where people ask for Windows support.
Some OSX user need a Windows partition, and would like to clone and restore Windows partitions too.

Superduper staff answer that they have no plans to support any non-HFS+ volume formats. Because it's hard enough to test against HFS+...

Early I would used "winclone", a nice freeware app that let you cloning and restoring Windows partions, booting in OSX System.

Now winclone had been discontinued, and it doesn't work with Snowleopard.
At the moment you can only use solutions that require you have boot from usb or CD, a workflow I have found very slow.

So as the winclone code is "inactived" why not resume it for pro version of Superduper! ? You could try to ask for it to the winclone author.

Just a suggestion i hope could make more easy the job of yours developers.


dnanian 06-15-2011 08:39 AM

In general, as I've explained in email, copying Windows volumes is something I'd rather leave to Windows experts. Developing the proper level of expertise to correctly copy and test Windows environments is not just a matter of getting code - clearly, the difficulties of the problem caused the WinClone developer to abandon the market...

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