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braz 09-05-2009 02:06 PM

Error /Applications/ line 4: update_prebinding: command not found
Updated to Snow Leopard and got this error when running Backup - All Files option.

"Error /Applications/ line 4: update_prebinding: command not found"

I've found out that calls update_prebinding which is an alias to /usr/bin/update_dyld_shared_cache. This alias seems to have been removed on updating but the old copy of I had of (/Application/ remains. There seems to be an easy enough work around by creating a symbolic link in /usr/bin to update_dyld_shared_cache with the name update_prebinding.

1) Open Terminal
2) cd /usr/bin
3) sudo ln -s update_prebinding /usr/bin/update_dyld_shared_cache

I ran the script and it now seems to work but I was wondering if there was anything else that needed to be done to fix it.

dnanian 09-05-2009 02:23 PM

There's no need to use the update_prebinding script under Snow Leopard - it's done for you now.

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