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pastorjeff2000 06-25-2005 09:50 AM

Renaming Question
My internal hard drive on my Powerbook went down last week and had to be shipped off to Apple for servicing. They are replacing the hard drive and the logic board. When it comes back, I want to clone my backup onto the new hard drive and restore.

I have seen a couple of posts regarding the name of the backup and aliases with regards to the name of the original drive. My external firewire has three partitions, with the pertinent one named Powerbook. Not sure what name the new drive will come back with, but want to make sure things will go smoothly with cloning the drive back over.

What should I do with regards to the name of the backup versus the name of the new drive when it returns from Apple? Thanks for the help!

dnanian 06-25-2005 06:41 PM

It mostly depends on what it was originally called, Jeff, and if the backup drive is available the first time it boots.

So, what I'd do is this: name the internal drive whatever you want, boot from the external, and clone back to the internal. Then, shut down and *detach* the external drive. Bring the system up, and log in... all the aliases should re-point to the internal drive, and you should be OK.

Let me know how that works out!

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