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Tangobozo 09-18-2006 02:35 AM

Scheduling Rotating backups
Thank you for providing such an elegant way to do backups. In the past I have used floppies, cd's, Retrospect and zip drives, and lately Apple's Backup, and have found all wanting in one way or another. I have only just done my initial backups and after confirming the clones functionality am feeling pretty pretty pretty secure, and very pleased. So Mac like. So un Retrospectlike. Whew.

I am backing up three machines using two large firewire drives. Two of the machines will be on a rotating smart clone schedule as suggested by many here, one weekly and one monthly. Two ibooks will share one firewire drive over three partitions. One of the Ibooks does not need multiple backups, and backups will be done manually. The second requires weekly and monthly backups. The same goes for a Powermac, this one has it's own firewire drive.

A small problem with automatic scheduling for the Ibook and Powermac that need two rotating backups: I have set the backup for the weekly a 3:01am, setting the energy saver preference to wake up the machine at 3:00am.
No issue until I need the monthly backup to kick in. How can I schedule that to happen automatically without conflicting with the weekly timing? There is only one setting in The energy saver scheduler, and if I use that, both backups would be scheduled at the same time. This does not seem like such a hot idea. Is there a better way other than setting a different time for the monthly and waiting for it to start backing up after I manually wake the the machine up at a different time of day?

Hope I am just overlooking something obvious.

dnanian 09-18-2006 06:49 AM

Glad you like it, Tangobozo.

As far as your issue goes -- schedule them both at the same time - we'll take care of the details of staggering them appropriately.

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