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jules 03-05-2005 10:12 PM

Backup problem w/apps
I'm a very new SD user (even licensed!). Successfully created a backup of my PB to an external firewire drive (all files). Options set to repair permissions and then reboot from the backup drive. Upon reboot to the backup, all applications, except two, worked. And it's actually the two I'd need in an emergency to keep up and running. :) The first is Final Draft 7, which no longer sees the license activation, the other is Notetaker (Aquaminds), which also says I do not have a valid license. In the case of Final Draft, the license is activated via CD insertion and an internet connection. (There's a limit on the # of activations.) With Notetaker, I have to manually enter the license info to get it to work. Is this "normal" that I will have to expect to reactivate the license of some applications but not others? Things like Word, StickyBrain, iLife apps, even my finicky DreamWeaver MX ran with no problem on the backup.

Thanks much.

dnanian 03-05-2005 11:01 PM

Hey, Jules -- thanks for registering!

Well, unfortunately, therein lies the problem with locking down software excessively. Some programs -- like Note Taker -- lock themselves to the volume they're on, but don't have activation counts.

Others, like Quark, lock themselves to a particular disk and severely restrict re-activation. Sounds like Final Cut is one of those.

Of course, if a program like SuperDuper! could just copy them, that would defeat the point of their lockdown, so they do wacky things to prevent it. We can't really clone them when they actively "resist" being cloned.

(The real solution to this would be to lock to the computer's serial number, rather than the physical characteristics of a given disk. Or, to trust your customers a bit more...)

Anyway... the point is there's not much we can do: no program could clone them effectively unless they specifically tried to circumvent their protection, and then you'd be running afoul of the DMCA and the company's flotilla of lawyers...

jules 03-06-2005 12:42 PM

your reply
Understood. Thanks for the reply. I will work around this.
Best regards,

dnanian 03-06-2005 05:48 PM

OK, thanks -- sorry I can't give better news/advice! Most companies are reasonable when requesting reactivation, should you run out. (Note Taker just needs to have its serial number re-entered.)

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