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macgruder 07-19-2005 05:15 AM

Smart Backup is very slow
I'm doing smart backup with Backup - all Files. But it takes about 2 hours, even if a do it immediately after a previous backup. (A similar thing with Psync used to take less than 2 minutes).

As I watch the bar progress I can see
'Copy Files from G5 to Backup'
and folders like
/Users/me/tmp (for example)
being copied which definitely haven't been updated recently.

Any ideas.

dnanian 07-19-2005 09:09 AM

It's very likely that the problem is that you have a *lot* of "floating" files, macgruder. I discuss these files in my blog @

Of course, the discussion doesn't help you get things to go fast!

So -- let's do that. What we want to do is "lock" down the files to the proper user id. To do that, I'll need some data for you -- and it's probably best if we do this in support.

So, open Terminal and send the output of the following commands to me @ support - at -



ls -l


sudo ls -l

Thanks! We'll get you sped up in no time.

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