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mreed 08-16-2006 03:52 PM

Moving from Power PC to Intel
Hi Dave - To make a long story as short as possible, my father's iMac G5 (isight) has logic board issues. The Apple Store has gone through two trying to repair it. I convinced them to replace it with an Intel iMac. (I could tell you how, but then I'd have to kill you...:)
The thing is, I explained that I had a backup using SuperDuper and they more or less insisted that they transfer his info in house rather than use the backup as the source for Migration Assistant, stating that they had seen "problems" doing that.
I defended you, saying if I had bought an intel imac and brought it home the process would be the same - to no avail and I agreed to let them do it.
(Aren't you glad I made this shorter?)
The question: I'm the registered user and I had backed him up originally by running SD from MY backup. So now that we're running two different hardware setups, how can I use SD to back up his drive?
Believe me, I know what I'm asking you.
Thanks as ever - Marc Reed

dnanian 08-16-2006 04:16 PM

If you have two backup drives, you'd use them as before, just backing up with SuperDuper! (he should have his own license, of course).

If you want to store two backups on the same drive, one Power PC and one Intel, just partition the drive, making sure to use Apple Partition Map (APM) as the partitioning scheme. Then, direct each machine to its appropriate partition, and you're all set.

Hopefully that's what you meant, Marc!

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