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mcthomas 09-01-2005 08:49 AM

Identifying Startup Disk
Good morning Dave:

The "Backup All Files" on my G4 PowerMac to a Lacie 120 gig FW Drive (four partitions) went without a hitch. About 30 minutes for 10 gigs to be copied. The system rebooted using the clone (MacTavish) which was named the same as the primary system disk (MacTavish) pursuant to some of the advice regarding aliases as given in this forum.

Now have booted back to the primary MacTavish in order to set up the safety clone. Have tried many ways to tell the primary HD from the clone - no luck.

The reality of a clone is obvious when looking at the startup disk options in system preferences. Two Tigers and Two Classics. The first option is obviously active. Is it the Mac original or the Lacie clone. Is there some other source in preferences or elsewhere to determine when an application is the active one? When system preferences is open get info is closed.

Am concerned that if future mistake is made in identifying the startup disk and clone is used (inadvertently) as source either in effort to produce the safety clone or a smart update the "Erase" feature will zap my primary system.

Considering the smarts that went into Super Duper's development I suspect that somehow the ability to smart update or produce the safety clone when the clone was used as the source (was the startup disk) is stopped - but I don't want to take the chance until i can know for sure.

In short, any known ways to tell the difference between the primary and the clone of a full backup so that I can be sure that the clone was not used as the startup disk - except as recalled by my senior citizen memory.

Again, thanks for this great software and the willingness to support it's users as you do.


PS Just thought of a possible work around. I think that showing the Lacie partitions on the desktop will allow changes in the partition name. Now that the full backup is in place would a name change affect the smart update or restore capabilities? I suspect so based on gleanings from this forum.

dnanian 09-01-2005 09:52 AM

The easiest way to tell what the current startup disk is is to look at the top of the drive in Finder. The startup disk has special icons for Applications (and some other folders): other drives do not.

We don't let you copy *to* the startup drive, so that's not going to be a problem. Also, if a clone is on a FireWire drive, it will have a FireWire styled icon, rather than a "standard" one (as long as you haven't set your own custom icon).

Along those lines, you could also use a special icon to identify the drive.

Name changes won't affect your smart update, etc. It's only when *booting* from a drive that the name makes a difference... and then only if the original drive is available when the system is running.

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