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tasha edwards 04-28-2005 01:26 PM

Working with audio
Hi, I've just read the reviews and the FAQ's on this site. I love the idea of SuperDuper and have just one question before I install it. I work with pro audio and in the past after a bad crash I have used Retrospect Express to reinstall my backup and it forgets all the serial numbers etc. In some cases you have to reinstall some programs in other cases at least you have to re enter all those serial numbers. The thing with audio software today is that authorizing is mostly done online and sometimes quite a pain. Will SuperDuper act the same way? Any info on this would be helpful. Thanks, Wayne

dnanian 04-28-2005 10:19 PM

Although most programs come across with their serial numbers, there will be some that don't. Many programs, such as the audio programs you mention, take specific steps to not allow us to copy them in a way that would make them usable on the copy without re-registering.

There's not much we can do about this, unfortunately: but you, as a consumer, can complain to the publishers/authors of those programs to put together a more reasonable policy...

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