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ajanjigian 09-30-2005 12:46 PM

Is this okay? SD seems slow . . .
Oftentimes I do backups of the same drive close together in time (say after adding new photos to iPhoto just after doing a backup.) I figure that SD should be quick to back up, since very little on the drive has changed since last backup, and yet it always takes just as long.

In addition, the files listing as being backed up are often ones that I have a hard time believing have changed much (like right now it is backing up 'Library/Modem Scripts/'). Is there something funky going on here or does Tiger alter system files all the time?


dnanian 09-30-2005 03:39 PM

SuperDuper! always examines the whole drive: it can't know what's changed without doing that. We're listing (some of the) folders we're examining, not files that we're copying...

The way to see what's been copied is to look at the log and see the count of files it copied (not the size)...

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