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Dan Lester 05-28-2021 07:09 PM

"Run SuperDuper! Settings" ?
I'm using 10.11.6, and SD 3.3.1.

Never noticed this before, but when I right click on a folder, I'm given the option of "Run SuperDuper! Settings." Duh, what? I select that, and a funny gear appears for a few seconds in the menubar, and then nothing.

What is this about? I gather this is in the contextual menu. Why does this selection appear, and what is it really offering to do? How might this be useful?

dnanian 05-28-2021 07:11 PM

It's designed to let you run a SuperDuper settings file (.sdsp) from the context menu using sdautomatedcopycontroller (so, effectively, like a schedule).

Dan Lester 05-29-2021 11:10 AM

Thank you. I see that was written up in the 9/18 Technical Update.

So this Finder extension lets you run settings files. I assume the way this works is that you right click on the setting file (.sdsp) and "Run SuperDuper! Settings" in order to do that? That is Automator-able. Very nice.

dnanian 05-29-2021 11:41 AM

Yup - the idea was to show people how to use the copy controller (as explained in that old post).

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