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macWish 01-24-2007 09:14 PM

Help - SD crashes trying to clone MacBook
I attempted to clone my Core 2 Duo MacBook to a new external Firewire 400 drive.
1. I partitioned the external drive into three partitions, using the option GUID partition table, as I wanted to be able to boot from the External Drive.
2. I then tried to use SD! 2.1.3 to back up all files to the partition on the external hard drive partition, selecting the options erase all files , copy all files
from MacBook to the external partition.
4. All went well until SD! had copied 96,160 of the 195,505 files on MacBook and then the SD! and MacBook froze.

No spinning beachball; the mouse was moveable; but SD! no longer was active; and the MacBook failed to respond to any commands, including Command-Option-Esc. The only thing I could do was press the Power Key to shut off the MacBook.

I tried this a second time with the same result.

There is nothing in the SD! log when I open SD!. There is also no SD! crash log when I look in Console.

Any suggestions as to what is happening?

dnanian 01-24-2007 09:24 PM

This typically means the destination volume is failing and locking up the I/O subsystem of your Mac, which causes the whole thing to freeze.

What model/brand of drive is it? Anything else on FireWire with it? Any AntiVirus or other low-level software that might be messing around with copying at a low level?

macWish 01-24-2007 11:24 PM

The external firedrive is brand new and had nothing on it. It is an Elephant Storage Drive - the dealer said they use mainly Seagate drives, but he wasn't sure.

The MacBook has Virus Barrier X4 installed and active. I'll turn it off and see if that makes a difference.

macWish 01-24-2007 11:58 PM

Success. Once again your suggestion is accurate. I turned off automatic scanning by Virus Barrier X4 and SD! cloned MacBook to the external drive without a hitch. And the external drive boots the MacBook without a problem.

Thanks for immediate help, as usual.

Why does virus scanning interfere with the cloning process?

dnanian 01-25-2007 12:59 AM

Because it tries to scan every file we copy... hundreds of thousands of them...

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