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roysmyth@telus. 11-23-2004 02:37 AM

Updating bootable image

Before I try SuperDuper, I want to make sure that I understand that it will do what I'm looking for.

I have two macs running OSX, each with an external firewire hard drive. Each external drive has a partition containing a bootable image of the mac hard drive. The image was created using the restore function of Disk Utiliy. The only way I have to update the image is to create a new one using restore, a time-consuming task.

The external drives are Mac OS extended journaled format. Permissions are off on the external drives.

If I understand SuperDuper correctly, it will update the image quickly if I use smart update. It will update only changed files and it will delete any files that have been deleted from the source disk. It should work with my present setup without the need to recreate the images. Is this correct?



dnanian 11-23-2004 08:17 AM


As long as Disk Utility copied the files accurately, including the ownership and permissions, yes: it should only copy changed files and rewove those that are no longer there (you should use Smart Update as your During Copy choice in Options).

Note, though, that SuperDuper! will turn permissions/ ownership ON for the drive: bootable volumes must be ownership enabled.

Sound about right?

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