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Praxis 06-15-2005 07:35 PM

Would SuperDuper! work for me?
Okay, here's the setup.

My mother owns a PowerBook. She will be sending it to Apple for repairs (the pins on the charger are damaged and the case is a tad warped, so its hard to charge it). She has a lot of important data, all in the form of documents and TIFF images. She's worried that something will go wrong and all her data lost or something when it goes to Apple.

The PowerBook has a 40 GB hard drive. We have an extra PC around here with an almost-empty 80 GB drive.

I would like to back everything up.

Can I use SuperDuper! to back up the Mac's drive to the PC? And will I have to pay or can the Trial version do this?

I need an answer quickly. If it can't be done easily, CompUSA will back up the data for a fee.


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