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dombort 07-25-2005 10:20 AM

Final Setup
OK I'm back. Thanks for the fixes Dave.

Yep, Zeroing the drives worked. I was able to make a safety clone of the internal drive to a clone on the Lacie.

I now have:
Internal HD 60GB: my startup drive
Lacie 15GB partition: safety clone - shared users
Lacie 55 GB partition: backup of Mac OSX 10.3 from before Tiger
Lacie 310 GB storage partition: for my media files etc..

I looked at if the safety clone would perform well as the startup drive, but the performance was pretty slow - since it needs to access userfiles and application files on the internal Mac HD anyway.. (Xbench 109). I may have squeezed better perfrmance if I had not 'shared the applications' between the drives and had a copy on the Lacie as well..but I haven't tried it.

If I use my internal HD as a startup disk - it gives me Xbench 120. This is how I am running things now. not bad..

When I was running my startup and all my files from the Lacie drive (what is now the storage drive) I was getting Xbench 140! But this was not particularly useful since the reason i have a powerbook is so that i can move around without having to lug an external dirve..

So I guess that I'm all set. I'll continue to use my powerbook as my startup drive.

1. How do I keep my safety clone up to date? I assume that is the purpose of the Smart update?

2. If the user files and applications are shared (between my safety clone and the internal HD) .. then the only real differences that would develop between my internal HD startup vs. the safety clone would be system level files, and libraries .. right? (I'm new to Mac)


dnanian 07-25-2005 10:50 AM

Great -- glad zeroing worked, Dom.

(Note that there's little point to having a Safety Clone if you don't use it as your boot drive -- or, at the very least, boot from it when you install a system update, so keep that in mind.)

To answer the questions:

1. You update a Safety Clone the same way as any other copy: with Smart Update, usually. But, it depends on what you mean! Do you mean updating the original drive with the changes made to the Safety Clone, or updating the Safety Clone with the contents of the original drive?

2. That's right -- Applications, too, of course! But your personal files, in your Home folder, are shared, so there won't be differences there.

dombort 07-25-2005 11:34 AM

hmm. ok.

I guess I was thinking that my safety clone would serve as a 'safe checkpoint' where I know the system works fine. I can use it to 'revert' if there are problems.

If I run a system update, on my internal HD startup drive, and things dont work well, then I can boot from the safety clone, and presumably change my internal HD startup to be like the safety version .. no? Would I use smart update for this?

- Dom

dnanian 07-25-2005 11:53 AM

Well, you *kind of* can, but if you update a shared application (for example), that update will stay in place while other parts of it might get reverted. It just doesn't quite work as well when you're not booted from it!

dombort 07-25-2005 01:42 PM

2 Attachment(s)
ok, makes sense.. works better the other way..

What's the best way to remove that safety clone that I built on the external drive? I think I'm going to stick with using SuperDupers backup and scheduled backup capabilities for now.. and not use safety clone for the moment.

I notice that if i look in my Finder, I see multiple levels of 'Users' which is confusing..I assume that this must be a bi-product of the safety clones..?
See attached.


dnanian 07-25-2005 02:06 PM

That shouldn't have anything to do with the Safety Clone, Dom -- it's just showing you both the mount point (/) and "Macintosh HD", which is the drive that's mounted.

Why both are showing up, I'm not sure -- try rebooting.

Removing the Safety Clone would just be a matter of erasing it: but, keep it around. What I'd suggest is, next time an OS update comes up, update the Safety Clone, boot from it and install there *first*. Make sure it's OK, and if so, boot back and then you can install it on the main drive, assured that things are going to work on your system!

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