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hkaufman 02-19-2005 09:19 PM

User data outside of Home directory
I'm wondering how to deal with programs that store their data outside of the user's home directory. In particular, I use 2 programs that are Openbase databases. The data files are stored at /Library/Openbase/Databases. If working in a Sandbox, wouldn't these files be on the original disk. rather than the Sandbox drive? So therefore, if one had to restore from Sandbox, then the database files would be overwritten.

Or, am I just mixed up?


dnanian 02-20-2005 10:30 AM

An interesting case, Howard: I didn't know that Openbase stored its information here (as opposed to, say, the "Shared" folder under Users).

We'll make a change in the next version of the Safety Clone script, but for now here's what to do:

* Create a new script (File | New Copy Script)
* In the first tab, fill in the description (you can copy/paste the one from the base Safety Clone script)
* In the second tab, include the Safety Clone script you want to use -- typically "Safety Clone - Shared Users and Applications"
* In the third tab, add the following command:

share Library/Openbase

That will share the Openbase folder between the Safety Clone and the original. If you prefer, you could only share subfolders (like Databases), but I think it's probably best to share the whole thing, even though subsequent updates might updates parts of the application there...

sjk 02-22-2005 03:40 AM

Would something similar apply for MySQL databases stored under the default /usr/local/mysql/data directory?

dnanian 02-22-2005 07:40 AM

Yes. If you've got MySQL installed, you'd have to modify the Safety Clone script appropriately.

We try to cover every one of the 'user' cases in the default Safety Clone scripts. But it's not possible to know where more technical people will install variable items to... but it's easy enough for those users to make modifications to the scripts to cover their case.

sjk 02-27-2005 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by dnanian
But it's not possible to know where more technical people will install variable items to...

Hmm, are you sure it's not less technical people who are more likely to install software in "random" locations on their systems? The default OS X user has admin privs with write access to the root directory so I'm guessing a fair number of pre-X users (especially) toss stuff there. In other words, I never underestimate the cleverness of someone non-technical to do things that baffle those of us who are more technical. :eek:

Thanks for confirming the Safety Clone issue with MySQL,

dnanian 02-27-2005 05:14 PM

Sure? No. But we've seen a lot of systems, and most new-to-OSX people don't put files in the root... writable or not.

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