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nhisim 05-31-2008 06:39 AM

Time Machine "like" backup
I keep a bootable smart copy on a external drive. Recently I lost extra files from the external drive when SD deleted them to make the volumes the same. That was my fault.

Question. If I turn on one of the options to either copy "newer files" or "different" files will I be able to keep older copies of files on the backup that are deleted from the original, sort of like Time Machine? Also, if I put files on the external drive will they remain there?

Which option would be the most like Time Machine and retain older copies of files that might have been deleted from the source drive?

The warning in the Users Guide says that the external volume may no longer be bootable if these options are used. Why is that?

dnanian 05-31-2008 08:30 AM

There really is no way to make SuperDuper! work "like Time Machine". We won't keep "old versions" of files as a file is changed, even with Copy Newer/Copy Different.

Perhaps the best thing to do, as explained in the User's Guide, is to rotate more than one backup. If you have a daily and a weekly, for example, you'll have files from about a week ago, as well as "today's".

To store files on the same drive as the backup, partition the backup drive into two volumes, an archive/storage partition and a backup.

Definitely don't use Copy Newer or Different if you want a bootable backup. The problem is that files that *should* be deleted to ensure a volume remains bootable won't be, and you'll end up with a big mish-mash of older, deleted and new files.

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