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Onno 03-29-2006 06:15 PM

Backing up over wireless network
I am looking at using my old iMac as server for music, backups and so on. I did a test with SuperDuper backing up my PowerBook to a firewire drive attached via firewire to the iMac. The iMac has the 11b airport card, the PB the extreme card and the network is served by an airport express. While the maximum bandwidth would 11 mps, I got only 400kbs doing the backup. With 60GB of data on the laptop that's just not doable (means several days to do a backup). Except for the backup, nothing much else was happening on the network. Any ideas why such a low bandwidth?

dnanian 03-29-2006 09:13 PM

It's hard to say, unfortunately: we don't do anything "special" to a network drive, and copy to it as fast as the system lets us. If it's inefficient handling a sparse image in this situation, we'll go slowly.

What I'd suggest is doing the initial backup directly to the drive. Then, do subsequent Smart Updates over the network.

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