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glfshepard 03-03-2008 05:00 AM

Sharing Backup Hard Drive - SD + Time Machine, Other Stuff

I use SD to copy my internal hard drive to an external hard drive. My external drive still has lots of space, and I'd like to use it. Can I have Time Machine back up to the same external drive? Can I store other stuff along with the SD backup?

I'm thinking that maybe I need to partition the external drive, but I'm not really sure. Actually, I'm not really sure what partitioning is or how to do it, either. If this is what I need to do, can anyone recommend websites with a "for dummies" explanation of paritioning?


dnanian 03-03-2008 01:06 PM

You'll want to partition if you can, certainly if you want to store things other that just an SD! backup alongside Time Machine.

There are a number of good Leopard books out there (e.g. the Missing Manual series), but if you'd like a quick "partitioning" step-by-step:

* Start Disk Utility
* Select the external drive hardware in the sidebar
* Click the Partition tab
* Use the UI to create the number of partitions you want. Use "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the format type and name appropriately
* Click Options
* Choose the proper partition scheme (GUID for Intel macs, Apple Partition Map for Power PC) and accept the page
* Click Partition.

difficultrun 03-03-2008 09:13 PM


I have a 120 GB hard drive on my MBP with 110 GB of data, and a 500 GB external hard drive that I want to partition for SD and Time Machine. How big should my SD partition be -- should I make it 120 GB or should I make it bigger than that?


dnanian 03-03-2008 09:19 PM

120GB minimum, but given that you're nearly full, and running with < 10% free space, you're going to need to upgrade that drive soon. So, figure out what size drive you're going to pop in there, and make the backup partition that size *now*, so you don't have to change it *later*.

difficultrun 03-04-2008 06:30 PM

Thanks Dave. I'll start looking for a new hard drive ...

glfshepard 03-04-2008 08:15 PM

Thanks, Dave. I'll pick up a "Missing Manual". I appreciate your instructions, but would also like to understand what I'm doing a little better.

Thanks, again.

efbatey 03-25-2008 01:53 PM

Hope I'm not too far out of the thread. Have an Intel Mini 10.4.x WITH big external FireWire, may need to repartition, and, a TiPBG4 10.4.x. To get easy results with SD what should I do (if I need to do anything) for alternate partitions or will each hosts backup show up as a different image name in one partition? Tnx / Everett

dnanian 03-25-2008 01:58 PM

You'd partition the drive into two volumes, using "Apple Partition Map" as the partition scheme and "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the format.

efbatey 03-25-2008 02:56 PM

Dave, If I am backing up BOTH a PPC (G4, 10.4) AND a Mini-Intel (10.4) does your earlier "* Choose the proper partition scheme (GUID for Intel macs, Apple Partition Map for Power PC) and accept the page" mean I need to separately identify the two partitions? /e/

dnanian 03-25-2008 03:10 PM

Under Tiger, you can use APM to back up both an Intel and Power PC mac. It's not 100% supported by Apple, but it works. However, in the future, I'd buy two drives.

And, yes, you do need to separately identify the partitions.

maryd 03-30-2008 11:07 AM

I am a real thickie as far as computers go which is why I like SuperDuper as it is so easy to use! I have read the above posts on how to partition. I have got an 149GB external hard drive which has 120GB available. I have just upgraded to Leopard so I have SD bootable Tiger on the external hard drive. I haven't started Time machine yet. Do I have to erase the external one before partitioning and backing up with Super Duper

dnanian 03-30-2008 11:09 AM

Well, you can't partition the drive if it has data on it, maryd, without erasing that data. So -- yes, the process of partitioning will erase your Tiger copy.

maryd 03-30-2008 01:29 PM

Thanks Dave,
I realised my Tiger data would be lost I just didn't know if I had to erase/format the drive myself as I didn't know what partitioning actually does! I will also be getting the manual Leopard for dummies!

dnanian 03-30-2008 02:34 PM

Understood. I'm sure that The Missing Manual for Leopard (or its equivalent) will prove helpful!

joemac 08-14-2008 03:13 AM

hi dave,

hey do we get timed OUT here?

i keyed in a post but got the 'log in screen again' and my post was lost... :mad:

searched a few dozen pages didn't see my question, and this seemed like a close enough thread...

-large external firewire drive, small macbookpro drive

i'd like to partition the external in thirds...

1. for timemachine
2. for s/d! clone
3. for another copy of the s/d! clone from the same mac.

assuming i use the correct partition scheme and guid journaled format and make each s/d! bootable...

?? will i be able to boot and do a full disaster recovery from either s/d! partition ??

i understand the risks/limits of one physical backup drive.

this will only be for a few months, eventually the 2nd s/d! partition will be for another mac drive.

and i'll have 2 external firewires to alternate weekly.

i always turn t/m OFF when smart updating my s/d! clone.

thanks in advance for the help.


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