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sheppy 12-07-2007 09:41 AM

Can't copy or duplicate a file on Mac 10.4.11 hard drive
I have a file on a MacBook Pro HD that I can't copy or duplicate.

The MacBook Pro (Intel processor) is running OSX 10.4.11 with 2GB ram - 100 GB HD. I use Parallels Desktop to run Windows in a virtual machine.

The file in question is created by Parallels virtual machine. The file is the main "hard disk" file containing the operating system, application and document files. It has an extension of ".hdd". The file is LARGE = 21.06 GB.

The virtual machine functions just fine on the Mac using this file, but I can't duplicate the file on the Mac HD or copy it to an external FireWire drive.

I always get an I/O error that says something like: "The Finder cannot complete the operation because some of the data in winxp.hdd" could not be read or written. (Error code -36).

The file is not locked or protected on the Mac HD.

I have the FireWire drive formatted to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with 95GB of free space on it. Likewise, I have plenty of free space on the Mac HD.

I'm desperate to backup this file, but can't get it done.


dnanian 12-07-2007 09:42 AM

The problem is that the image is damaged. Parallels might have a way of moving the data in it to another Image: I'd contact them to see if they have a way to do so...

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