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snoopy67 07-04-2005 03:39 PM

cron questions
I'm using superduper on a laptop (for just a few days now ;-) ).

Now i've got a few questions that migt not pertain to superduper itself, but are, i hope, somewhat related.

I would like to automate the backup procedure using cron.
I read about how it's done in principle in the manual.

Question now is:

1. What happens if the laptop is in sleep mode when the cron job should get started?
Does it wake up the computer? (which, in this case, would be the desired behavior)
How can i make the backup script wait long enough to allow the external disk to spin up?

2. What happens if the external disk is not there? (for instance, when the laptop is on the road)
How can i gracefully handle this situation?

3. Occasionally, i might want to unmount the external disk. Can i make superduper, or the cron job, automatically mount the external disk?
(and still handle the situation gracefully when the external disk is not there)

I would appreciate any suggestions and insights.

I am able to write medium-sized shell scripts.
My external disk is a lacie 250GB firewire.
My laptp is a powerbook G4.
I'm planning to partition the FW disk into 3 partitions to do sort of rotating incremental backups of the user data.

dnanian 07-04-2005 09:58 PM

Hey, snoopy67. Let me try to answer your questions.

1. Cron won't wake the computer. But, you can simply use the "Energy Saver" preference pane to set a wake-up time for a minute or so before Cron, and that'll wake right up.

SuperDuper! will put up a "waiting for mount" sheet until the drive spins up/is made available.

2. v1.x will prompt (and wait) if the drive isn't there. v2.x will exit with a failure.

3. You can use various shell commands in the applescript to re-mount a drive if you'd like. Search in the forums for a good example of this posted by a user.

Hope that helps!

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