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greenjeens 07-08-2006 04:15 PM

Want to Test New Quicktime & New Toast Versions, Sandbox or Second Clone?
Sandbox instructions didn't seem clear for a case where one would want to test a new third party software with a Major Apple update.

Can't I just make a second clone, and see if everything plays together OK before commiting?

I want to test Apple Quicktime 7.1.2 and a new Toast 7.1 version since the last QT update broke my Toasts ability to record Apple Lossless files.
Found intermediate versions that work, currently using Toast 7.0.2 and QT 7.0.4 . Panther 10.3.9.
There was no downgrade for QT at that time, there is now. I'm scared of QT updates that don't allow easy downgrading. Running a full archive and install achieved the downgrade, but it was a huge pain.

Suppose, the other option is to put the energy into finding someone who is running the same versions, in the same way, on Roxio forum.


dnanian 07-08-2006 04:22 PM

You'd use a Sandbox in this case, Dave. You'd boot from it, install the update, and then try your software. If it doesn't work, you just boot back to the original...

greenjeens 07-11-2006 11:38 AM

Everything works!
I'll keep Sandbox around to test out some other Application updates.

One thing, is it's a fair amount of trouble to create yet another bootable clone.
I suppose to be safe and test out new Apple or third party updates, one would continue booting from Sandbox for some time and watch how the new Application ran and interacted with other apps.

A major problem, like crashing would be easy to spot, but I doubt it would be easy to catch some of the minor bugs with 3rd party software.

Perhaps waiting a while to update and noting what bugs other users have found and then testing for those specific bugs, would be the smartest way to catch problems while they are still in the Sandbox?


dnanian 07-11-2006 11:41 AM

The Sandbox is a great way to find obvious problems (and to run for a while to catch some subtler ones), but it's not really possible to be certain, all the time, that things are perfect...

But, sure: don't update the base volume until you're sure!

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