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reeses 10-31-2005 12:38 PM

Possible FAQ: Migration Assistant and SD Backup
O fortuitous timing. I bought SuperDuper a few weeks ago, about the time I bought an extra 300GB external FW drive. I built a "Backup" volume on my old 200GB external, and started Daily Backups. Unfortunately, I disconnected the drives for a business trip, and the daily deltas were written to /Volumes/Backup. When I remounted the FW "Backup", it was mounted as "Backup 1" because of the name collision, so its version of SD was a couple weeks old.

Last night, my internal drive crashed in a bad way. It sounded as if the heads were parking two or three times a second, and the system would lock up completely at various times after boot.

Booting from "Backup" worked great, although the two-week staleness was a minor problem. I have always run a cron job at about 4am, copying everything from my $HOME directory to another backup drive, just in case. Unfortunately, this isn't a mirror -- I don't use the delete option, so a lot of old files are hanging around.

What this means is that I copied a bunch of files to the SD-managed backup drive. I know now this is a boo-boo (which makes sense), but was necessary to continue work. I've booted from this drive, and I'll be using it for another week or so.

My real question is this:

I used the opportunity as justification for buying one of the new higher-resolution, faster CPU, longer-battery-life, faster-SuperDrive PowerBooks. I'm aware of a program called "Migration Assistant" from searching and reading other posts in this forum, but I have never used it before. From what I've read, this is what I'll need to do:

1. Rename Firewire Volume "Backup" to "Macintosh HD"

2.Attach Firewire Drive to new Powerbook.

3.Do the new Mac stuff and tell it to fire off Migration Assistant. (I don't know if this happens automatically as part of the introductory setup or not.)

4.MA will find my "Macintosh HD" and restore User, Application, Framework, etc. settings from the old drive to the new PowerBook.

Is this an accurate series of events to expect, or is there some other level of preparation I need to execute before I should start up the new PowerBook?

SuperDuper has really saved my bacon, and so soon after purchase. (Not that I'm suspicious of you guys! :-)) I'm incredibly glad I registered.


dnanian 10-31-2005 12:44 PM

Given that you're not going to need to boot from "Backup", there's no need to rename it. Just start up the new Powerbook. It'll offer to migrate -- say yes, attach the backup drive, and point the assistant to it, and you should be all set!

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