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UKViking 03-05-2006 02:10 PM

Backing up to a NAS FAT32 SMB Share

I am trying to do a full backup (all files) to a network drive. I have "connected to server" and have followed instructions to write to a sparse image.

The network drive is FAT32 and cannot be formatted any other way. If it is, the ability to use the network interface is lost.

SuperDuper seems to stay on the "mounting" stage for hours (have left it for an entire day). The hard drive is only about 80GB. Shouldn't it at least get to a stage further than this? So far, I have had to interrupt the process as I cannot wait this long. The computer actually hangs, and I have to hard restart it.

Any thoughts?



dnanian 03-05-2006 02:53 PM

Nick --

If the computer is hanging, then it's likely the problem is at a lower level than we're running. But, even if it worked, as explained in the User's Guide you cannot back up to a FAT32 formatted drive. FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit, and if you're trying to back up 80... just not going to happen.

I'm quite surprised that the drive can't be formatted as, for example, ext3. What brand of drive is it?

Hope that helps.

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