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hiroProtagonist 11-05-2007 02:07 AM

The legend of HiroProtagonist, the Leopard, and Super Duper!
Prologue- In the early days after switching from the dark side, and in Hiro's zeal to embrace all that was good in the land of Mac, he learned of SuperDuper!, down loaded the trial, and soon after payed the wizard Nanian his fee. For an age or two, things were good and SD did all that was asked. But then came DataBackup (free with my OWC external FW drive), which promised all sorts of powers beyond what faithful SD could do. OK, so versioning isn't really all sorts of powers, but the point is I started using DB instead of SD. Let's get on with the story.

Act I - Wizards even more powerful then Nanian to Grey (grey is good...) said that the time of the Tiger was nearing its end and that the Leopard would soon be upon us. Wise council advised that all who chose to embrace the Leopard should first clone their drive. And so Hiro, though anxious to harness the power that the Wizards of Cupertino had dreamed up, headed the councils warning and made a bootable clone of his drive, using DataBackUp. Then he remembered the rest of the councils advise, "Test thy bootable clone". And the drive would not boot! The installed Tiger saw the cloned Tiger and commanded it to be so, but the cloned tiger knew not what to do. Hiro was most dismayed, and was considering the sacrifice of his virgin daughter, until he remembered that secreted away, in a long unused chamber of Castle Macbook, SuperDuper! still survived. And so Hiro summoned forth SD and commanded that he clone the Tiger. And the clone created by SD was good, and did justly boot, and thereby ushered in the age of the Leopard.

Act II - But all of the Kingdom was not yet "Of the Leopard", for Macbook was but a small part of the land. The larger kingdom MacPro was still Of the Tiger. Again, Hiro commanded SD to clone the Tiger, this time the Tiger of MacPro. And again the clone created by SD was good and just, and the clone did boot. And it was most fortunate it did, for while the spell that passed the Time of Tiger to the Time of Leopard worked in the kingdom of MacBook, it was not powerful enough in the land of MacPro. Instead of moving to the Time of Leopard, the kingdom of MacPro was cast into an empty void of blue. Hiro knew he would need to summon the more powerful magic known as Archive and Install, but first he would need to get back to the Time of the Tiger. Hiro called upon the Clone of Tiger, that SuperDuper! had created, and the Clone of Tiger smashed down the blue nothingness, and ushered in the Time of Leopard.

And the Kingdoms of Macbook and MacPro, began their journey with the Leopard, grateful to have made it through, sad that Super Duper II-I-IV, could no longer serve them, but confident that Nanian the Grey would soon summon the magic of SD II-I-V.

justG 11-05-2007 08:43 AM

Okay, that was awesome. =)

timlance 11-05-2007 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by justG (Post 15232)
Okay, that was awesome. =)

Indeed! Totally made up for the crappy day.

djlynch 11-05-2007 08:13 PM

Great story...when does the movie come out?

Felix 11-06-2007 08:47 AM

Clearly a bright future in the literary world. ;)

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