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parakeet 12-21-2005 06:30 PM

Strongspace SuperDuper backup strategy options?
I'm taking delivery of a new Powerbook tomorrow. I was formerly a Powerbook owner until the machine, along with lots of vital data, was stolen back in the summer. This time around, I'm interested in having a real backup strategy to avoid the heartache again. So I'm interested not just in backing up but storing those backups on a remote server (ie. I'm thinking of becoming a customer of Strongspace or any other remote storage site you can recommend) and not any other local drive (they can be stolen, too).

But can anyone advise me on a surefire, easy solution to all this? I've read several methods for automating backups to Strongspace using rsync etc, but I'm no command line expert; I'd rather keep things point 'n click.

What would be a good strategy? Perhaps daily incremental backups (changed/new files) to Strongspace plus a weekly backup of virtually the whole system (or maybe just key files etc)? Do I want/need bootable backups or just of data, and how about complete backups vs just files and/or just key system files? Ideally, I would like my Mac to wake up in the early hours of the morning, perform the backup, upload it then turn off again. Nice and unobtrusive. Not quite sure how that might be accomplished.

I've heard Super Duper is just that (super duper). Looks like it only creates disk images, not copies of individual files? Any way I can use this app with Strongspace and my chosen strategy? I see it has the option to "Run shell script after copy completes" - perhaps I could run an rsync/other (?) script to perform the Strongspace upoad after backup then turn the machine off? (What would turn the machine on? ;)

Like I say, have just read several strategies etc. but I'm a bit of a newbie on some of this. Just looking to have a peaceful Mac experience with a watertight backup storage solution this time.

Many thanks.

Many thanks.

dnanian 12-21-2005 09:16 PM

SuperDuper! does create individual file copies on a destination volume, as long as it can write to it directly. But I think, with a network-based storage solution, you'd probably end up using an image.

You could try to rsync an image up to strongspace (or whatever) after you back up, but I'm not sure that's going to have very good performance. In fact, I'm sure it's not.

What I'd probably suggest is the daily/weekly/monthy setup I talk about in the introduction in the User's Guide, taking the Monthly offsite... that'd give you native performance, and the "physical" security you're looking for, too.

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