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enderws 02-13-2006 08:48 PM

Source HD won't boot after canceled Backup
I started a full backup to a virgin FW HD. When I cancel the backup job halfway through, shut down the computer, and start it up the next day, it boots to the gray Apple logo and gets stuck there. The circle of spinning dashes never shows up.

Can't boot regardless of whether the FW HD is on or off.
Booting from the 10.4 DVD and choosing the Source HD in Startup Disk doesn't work.
Diskwarrior doesn't work.
An Archive & Install doesn't work.
The only thing that works is to reformat the backup drive and reinstall OS X from scratch, and use their data transfer wizard to "Move data from another partition on this Mac" to move all your data + Apps from the Source to the backup drive. Then boot up from the backup drive, Make sure you've got everything you need on thec backup drive. Then reinstall OS X on the Source drive, and do the data mover wizard again, this time moving the data from the backup drive to the Source drive.

I had this happen to me twice when I first started using SuperDuper. Back then I didn't think to use the data Migration Wizard. Imagine having to reinstall all your apps and settings from scratch... twice.
The third time I noticed it was the canceled backup that was doing it.

My warning to SuperDuper users: let your backups complete. Do not cancel. If you cancel, start it again and let it completely finish before rebooting or shutting down.

This is a G4 "Digital Audio." 300GB IDE hooked up to an ACARD PCI-IDE adapter. External Firewire enclosure from ADS Tech with a 200GB hard drive. OS X 10.4.4. Full licensed current version of SuperDuper.

I still use SuperDuper and it works great when it works. I think it has a great advantage over Retrospect (requires you to do a "Recycle" backup or your backup will grow indefinitely) and BounceBack (requires you to do a manual "purge" or else your backup will grow indefinitely) and Carbon Copy Cloner (gets stuck, poor user interface, target drive sometimes not bootable).

dnanian 02-13-2006 09:04 PM

As far as I know, "enderws", canceling a backup will not have any untoward effects, as long as your destination isn't the boot target. We do not modify the source drive in any way...

I've tried to duplicate your problem here, and cannot... I honestly can't think of any reason why copying files from a source, and stopping that copy, would cause any kind of problem unless the destination was selected for startup.

enderws 03-04-2006 04:00 PM

Update: When this happens I'm able to boot by holding down Option at startup and choosing my hard drive. I think what's actually happening is a kernel panic or freeze during the startup process, because sometimes after booting I'll get that message which comes after a kernel panic reboot with the option to send to apple. So it's probably not SuperDuper, but something corrupted in my OS X installation.

dnanian 03-04-2006 04:02 PM

That sounds likely; thanks for the follow-up!

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