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John Lovell 06-13-2007 06:39 PM

21 Hours, 2/3 Done Of 40 Gigs. How Much Longer?
I have a G5 iMac with an 80g hard drive, trying to back up to a 60g firewire drive that came out of a G4 iMac and is now in its own case. Using Super Duper for the first time, I started a "backup - all files" 21 hours and 38 minutes ago. The progress bar indicates the backup is about two thirds done, and neither it nor the progress numbers have changed for about the past 10 hours, although I can hear the G5 iMac's hard drive running. What's wrong here?

Paul_G 06-14-2007 02:21 AM

That happened to me last year. My computer's drive died while doing the backup. I reckon leave the backup running as long as you can see progress, no matter how slow, because that might be all the backup you get...

dnanian 06-14-2007 02:55 AM

If it's still stuck when you read this, please open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal). Then, copy the following to the clipboard:

sudo lsof | grep SDCopy

Paste that into Terminal. Press Return at the end of the line, then enter your password (it won't echo) and press Return.

That'll print a list of what we're copying at the time -- the last two lines are what we're reading and writing. It could be a large file that's being updated, etc...

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