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Lauram 12-21-2008 06:25 PM

Can boot from SD clones, but not set them as startup disks

Running OSX 10.5.5 on a MacBook Pro with an external Firewire drive on which I store SD clones.

I've successfully created a couple of bootable clones of my HD as well as a Sandbox, and I can boot from any of them if I start up while holding down the option key. Yet when I try to set my Sandbox as a startup disk, it doesn't turn up as an option in System Preferences. In fact, neither of the two clones on my Firewire disk show up in the System Prefs window as a startup disk option, either. All I see

I'm pretty sure I won't always remember to restart with the option key, and eventually I'll wind up running from my internal Mac HD, which goes against the whole point of the Sandbox. What gives?

dnanian 12-21-2008 07:46 PM

This is because your FireWire drive isn't partitioned as "GUID". See various other posts on the forum that explain how to properly partition, Lauram.

Lauram 12-21-2008 08:19 PM

Partitioning GUID
Can you provide a link to the right discussion or FAQ? Searching on GUID gives me dozens of discussions that aren't helpful.

dnanian 12-21-2008 08:47 PM

Lauram, searching isn't that difficult. Here you go, this was in the first few posts:

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