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d.r.h. 10-17-2014 09:03 PM

SD 2.7.3 and 10.6
Anyone experiencing abnormalities using the the recently released 2.7.3 with snow leopard? I still use 10.6 for my everyday OS, keeping 10.9 only on one external drive for a single application that occasionally use. My SD cloning routine involves 3 external drives. One for daily, one for weekly and one for monthly clones. Updated to 2.7.3 yesterday when it was released. That night, proceeded with my smart update clone on my daily external. Normally, this only takes 6 - 7 minutes. Initiated the smart update and went to do a few things. Came back 24 minutes later and noticed it was still working, chugging along at around 30 MBs (avg speed), had copied more than 16 GB of files and was only a third of the way through the total number of files on my source drive. This was really unusual, as less than 1 GB of files should have been new or modified. Not knowing what the problem was (and since I was pressed for time), just stopped the process. This morning, removed 2.7.3 and replaced it with 2.7.2. Did fresh erase and clone. At the end of the day, did my normal smart update (using 2.7.2) everything proceeded as it had before trying to use 2.7.3. Update took under 7 minutes with a little over 500 MB copied. Wish I saved the log from the 2.7.3 attempt, but it slipped my mind. Since I have no plans on upgrading beyond 10.6 for my regular OS, I think I will just stick with 2.7.2. Just wanted to see if anyone experienced anything weird running it on snow leopard. My system is a late 2009 (2.53 GHz) Mini, 8 GB ram, with a 750GB WD Scorpio Black. Destination drive is an external WD Caviar Blue connected via FW 800.

dnanian 10-18-2014 09:18 AM

Your first backup from a given source to a given destination in 2.7.3 will take longer than usual. Subsequent copies will be normal.

d.r.h. 10-18-2014 11:09 AM

Thanks Dave. Have been using SD since 2006 and don't remember this ever happening with previous updates. Then again, my memory isn't what it used to be!

dnanian 10-18-2014 12:45 PM

It's happened with one other update before - we don't do it often!

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