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Mac Wizard 07-08-2005 10:25 AM

Do I need to rethink my backup strategy?
I used to use Carbon Copy on 1.3 which allowed me to make a disc image of multiple Macs. I run the Studio and overnight run CCC on each Mac so I'd have an exact backup in case anything went wrong. By ensuring all the Macs were only used for work I an backup all the Macs onto 1 250GB FW hard disk. I also clone my laptop to a disk image, about 45GB. I'v eonly ever used it once when I had a major disk crash and was able to replace the Mac, even down to the desktop picture.

I can't work out what setting to use in SuperDuper to create a disk image, (or multiple disk images) or Macs. Or is my strategy flawed? Should partition the LaCie into different sections for each Mac? I dont' really want to, cos we use the drive for many different things?

Any ideas?


Mac Wizard

dnanian 07-08-2005 10:27 AM

Well, I generally do recommend partitioning. But, you can store the different backups into different images, and even use Smart Update, by using a Sparse Image.

This FAQ will guide you through the process.

Hope that helps!

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