View Full Version : Backup FileVault Query???

01-16-2006, 05:35 PM
Again, thank you for such an awesome piece of software. Both the code, and your superb support of it, are much appreciated!

Dumb question for you- what should I do when backing up a sparse image disk? With FileVault switched on on my Powerbook, when I use SuperDuper to back up the harddrive of my Powerbook to an external disk I am left with a SparseImage folder of my account on my backup drive that is of size 0K. If my Powerbook were lost/stolen etc, how would I get to the data on my backup disk? It's probably an obvious question, but since I don't understand what sparse images are I'm not sure how I would go about recovering potentially lost data.

Again, thank you!

01-16-2006, 05:48 PM
This is covered in the User's Guide, Char, but the thing to do is create a non-FV account, log out of your FV account and into that one, and perform the backup that way.

Your home folder is stored in a single big file, because of the way FileVault works. So, to restore, you'd have to restore the whole thing... or log into it and somehow get the individual files off that way. Kind of a pain, but that's what you "wanted" with FileVault -- it's not easy to get at the data!