View Full Version : Why is SuperDuper is connecting to c-24-7-50-140.hsd1.ca.comcast.net ?

12-12-2005, 10:26 PM
During operation, it appears that SD is connecting to c-24-7-50-140.hsd1.ca.comcast.net.

Is this some sort of registration check? If so, you guys should set up reverse DNS so this doesn't look like spyware...

12-13-2005, 10:12 AM
It's not a registration check: we're pulling down a single, small XML file to check for updates... you can turn it off, if you'd like, in Preferences.

Note, though, that we don't send out "announcement mail"...

12-13-2005, 01:53 PM
I have no problem with the update check, my only suggestion would be that you set it up so that reverse DNS is clearly a subdomain of shirt-pocket.com.

That particular DNS entry looks to me like someone's home machine on a comcast cable modem...especially if you are telling people to do 'sudo lsof | grep SDCopy' :)

12-13-2005, 01:59 PM
Thanks for the suggestion!