View Full Version : iMac seems sick post SD install

12-05-2005, 01:05 PM
I installed SuperDuper yesterday and did my first backup this morning. After one false start, I was able to complete the backup and it seemed to go fine. However, since then my iMac (OS 10.4) is giving me fits- Firefox constantly locks up and Force Quit isn't working properly- it is extremely slow to open and to take action. Any thoughts on what the problem is??

12-05-2005, 04:48 PM
We don't install anything funny, Bob, and we're just an application with no low-level or driver components, so I can't see how SuperDuper! could be causing this problem. We don't even write anything other than our preferences and logs to the source drive.

Try restarting the machine (again, I know) to see if things clear up. If not, perhaps it's something like Spotlight indexing the backup drive and causing issues?