View Full Version : SD wants to mount unused volume at startup

11-27-2005, 03:33 PM
First, congratulations on and thank you for the update to SuperDuper!

After installing the update I encountered a problem. When I launch the application it tries to mount a disk image that is no longer being used. It fails to mount it and leaves a dialog box on the screen.

I would like to make SD! forget about this volume. I tried deleting the saved settings files and restarting the program. I also tried setting up, saving, and running the current backup process. However, I still see the same dialog at startup.

One other question while I have your ear: When I set up a scheduled backup, must SuperDuper! continue to run? In other words, will SuperDuper! accomplish the backup even if the app is not running, or must I leave SD! running all the time. (The former is the behavior I saw when I used Carbon Copy Cloner - I set up the cloning parameters and then quit the application.)



11-27-2005, 08:59 PM
First, to stop the restoration of the setting, start SD!, click Cancel, then switch the pop-up to a different volume. Quit and restart, and it should be OK.

SD! will be launched automatically when it's time to run the schedule.

Hope that helps, and thanks for the congratulations!