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11-24-2005, 12:36 AM

Looks like Super Duper is a Super product, but I'm having a problem you may be able to help me with.
I have two iMacs, iMac #2 and iMac #1, both running OSX 10.2.8. I need to copy the entire contants of the Hard drive on iMac #2 to iMac #1 and I downloaded the trial version of Super Duper per a recommendation on the Apple Support forum. So, I installed Super Duper on iMac #2, I started iMac #1 in the Firewire mode by holding down the "T" key on startup.

I connected iMac #1 to iMac #2 with a firewire cable and then the hard disk of iMac #1 appeared on the desktop of iMac #2. I started Super Duper and selected COPY "iMac#2hard disk" TO "iMac #1 hard disk" selecting the script "Backup All Files". When I clicked on "Start Copying" I enter my password and verify that I want to ersae the hard disk on iMac #1, I receive a error message that says, "An Error Occured While Erasing iMac#1 Hard Disk, do you want to see the log file. Here is a copy of the log file, any ideas to help me out on this....

[***] Wednesday, November 23, 2005 08:31:50 PM US/Pacific
|08:31:50 PM|Info| SuperDuper!, version 74, path: /Applications/SuperDuper!.app, OS: 10.2.8 (6R73)
|08:31:50 PM|Info| Source Drive: /, name: iMac 2 Hard Disk, device: /dev/disk0s9 type: hfs, OS: 10.2.8 (6R73), capacity: 19.15 GB, used: 16.47 GB, directories: 18371, files: 92432
|08:31:50 PM|Info| Target Drive: /Volumes/iMac 1 Hard Disk, name: iMac 1 Hard Disk, device: /dev/disk1s2 type: hfs, OS: 10.2.8 (6R73), capacity: 28.62 GB, used: 15.49 GB, directories: 18149, files: 87248
|08:31:50 PM|Info| Copy Mode : Erase, then copy files
|08:31:50 PM|Info| Copy Script : Backup - all files.dset
|08:31:50 PM|Info| Transcript : BuildTranscript.plist
|08:31:51 PM|Info| PHASE: Volume Preparation
|08:31:51 PM|Info| ...ACTION: Erase iMac 1 Hard Disk
|08:31:51 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Erasing iMac 1 Hard Disk
|08:31:51 PM|Error| sh: grep: command not found

11-24-2005, 12:45 AM
The problem here is that your install of OS X is incomplete, and for some reason you're missing some of the basic Unix tools we need to operate. The only real solution is to archive-and-install Jaguar, then update back to 10.2.8 with Software Update.

Once that's done, SD! should work just fine.

11-24-2005, 09:59 AM
Hi Dave

Thank you so much, I will do a re-install of Jaguar as you suggested, and take it from there, Thanks again for the help....

And just a quick question, will Shirt Pocket essentially do what I'm attempting, that is to copy ALL of the files and programs from one iMac to the other ??

Take Care

11-24-2005, 10:34 AM
Yes, it will... note, though, that copy protected/activated programs won't run without re-activation on the new system.