View Full Version : Invisible files are now visible

10-27-2005, 06:45 PM
It would take a while to descibe how I got to this point, but I just want to undo the basics...

I cloned my drive via SuperDuper (to a crummy external firewire setup that is NOT bootable).

I put the IDE drive into the mac and verified it was bootable, all was well, etc.

I upgraded the drive(s) in the Mac (G4 Sawtooth AGP - now running an ACARD RAID-0 with twin 160MB drives attatched).

I booted off of the Tiger DVD and used DiskUtility to "restore" the files from the firewire drive to the new RAID setup.

At this point I now have visible aliases for "etc" "tmp" and "var".

Can I just delete them (the aliases that is)? I assume they will be recreated on a reboot but invisible again.


PS: The backup volume also has a visible (but empty?) "dev" directory in addition to the visible aliases listed above.

10-27-2005, 07:13 PM
Scott -- do not delete those files! They're critical operating files, and must not be removed, so don't!

There's a bug in Disk Utility that causes these normally hidden files to be made visible. There's a way to make them invisible again, though... drop me a line @ support and we'll work through the method or leave them as-is... it's up to you.