View Full Version : Updating non-SuperDuper clones

09-20-2005, 02:12 PM
I've been using Intego's Personal Back-up software to create clones of my 10.3 system. The Intego software doesn't allow "Smart update" incremental clones like SuperDuper - you have to copy the whole thing every time. My question is, can I apply SuperDuper's "Smart update" to update a clone created with the Intego software, or should I do an "erase then backup" to create a SuperDuper clone that I can then use as the base for incremental backups? Being utterly paranoid about losing things, I keep a number of clones on a couple of partitioned firewire drives, and it would save me a lot of time, if I could just update, rather than re-crete them.

BTW. I am SO impressed by SuperDuper. As much of Apple's own software (eg Mail and Appleworks) seems to be drifting away from the straighforward, consistent, and easy-to-use design principles that used to characterise Mac software, SuperDuper is an absolute joy for a technical philistine like me. Please keep up the good work!

09-20-2005, 02:36 PM
Hi, Jeff. Thanks very much for your words of praise for SuperDuper! -- I'm glad you like it. We're definitely working like crazy to keep things as simple as possible, and will keep doing so, even when it delays a release. ;) After all, there are plenty of complicated, hard to use (or hard to restore from) backup programs out there!

Anyway, as long as Intego's back up is a full copy, you can definitely update it with SuperDuper! There's *nothing* proprietary about the way SuperDuper! stores its data, and we look at the state of the drive(s) to make our decision about what files to copy (or not). As long as the files were properly copied, and haven't been changed, we'll leave them as-is.

If Personal Back-up didn't copy them properly, we'll replace those that are wrong.

Make sense?