View Full Version : My backup is failing on the file /Library/Frameworks/StuffIt.framework/.DS_Store!

04-07-2004, 08:55 AM
Certain version of StuffIt installed a file with bad attributes along with the StuffIt framework, and these bad attributes cause SuperDuper! to fail.

Version 1.2.2(v63) of SuperDuper! contains a workaround that automatically ignores this file, preventing the error from occurring. However, this file doesn't really serve any purpose, and can be safely removed. Here's how:

- Open the Terminal
- Type the following command:

cd /Library/Frameworks/StuffIt.framework

- Once there, type the following:

sudo rm .DS_Store

- Type your password when prompted.
- Close the Terminal.

Once these commands have completed successfully, the bad file will be gone, and SuperDuper! will be able to complete its operation.