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Rubber Ducky
08-21-2005, 08:44 AM
Am using SuperDuper! to backup my G5 HD to Firewire drive. GREAT application (I abandoned Carbon Copy Cloner after first use of SD).

Use a Powerbook on the road & need to keep its files current with latest state of data on G5. Am using Target mode and dump-&-copy from G5 to laptop. It works, but is messy & perhaps risky. Would like to use SD to move the data, but have not because of disk space & because am concerned about screwing up laptop-unique files (Airport settings, etc.) not used on G5.

Is there a general discussion somewhere about desktop-to-laptop cloning with SD? (looked, but could not find).

Can I clone only selected files to the laptop (e.g., user files only)?


08-21-2005, 09:19 AM
Glad that you're finding SuperDuper! useful, Rubber Ducky.

In general, when you're trying to synchronize two folders, it's best to use a program designed for "two way" sync. It's just too easy to make a mistake and accidentally overwrite data you may have updated on the "other side", even using finder.

What I'd suggest is using one of the two way apps like Synchronize Pro, Synk, or You Synchronize.You "could" use SuperDuper!, but I really think it'd be using it to do something it wasn't really designed to do, and thus the chance for error is much greater.