View Full Version : What does SuperDuper! install?

04-01-2004, 10:07 AM
Starting with v1.2, SuperDuper! was modified to install by drag-and-drop, rather than by using the Apple installer. As with all programs, however, SuperDuper! creates a few files and directories once it has been run.

In SuperDuper's case, those are:

SuperDuper!.app (located wherever you dropped it)
~/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!
~/Library/Logs/SuperDuper!.log (only in SuperDuper! prior to v2.0)

If you registered from inside the application, we may have also installed or updated the eSellerate runtime library in /Library/Application Support/MindVision (or the local version of the same directory) up to v2.0. In v2.1, we switched to the Universal version of the embedded store, which installs "EWSMac.framework" in /Library/Frameworks.

That's it. SuperDuper! installs no "cookies" or other files on your system.