View Full Version : no keyboard, mouse after laptop HD install

06-21-2009, 08:30 PM
This might seems like a hardware topic (and perhaps it is), but it involves installation of a new laptop HD after my internal one crashed (15" MacBookPro, one generation back). Thanks be to SuperDuper! After I installed the SD maintained replicate HD and rebooted, the keyboard, mouse and bluetooth were not recognized. These are all in the laptop keyboard assembly. Repeated reseating of the keyboard cable did not help. Here's the interesting part: After plugging in an external keyboard and mouse, the internal one works and continues to work after unplugging the external set. However, if I restart, we're back to not recognizing the keyboard/mouse/bluetooth. I throw myself at the feet of those of you more experienced in this to tell me what I did wrong and, more importantly, what I can do to fix this trusted laptop.