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06-02-2009, 09:02 PM
Hi Dave,

a scheduled clone failed last night with the following error in the log:

| 09:53:30 AM | Error | SDCopy: Error creating hard link /Volumes/Yawning Angel/Users/peter/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/DataReferences/336/6D8ED2E2-DD31-497F-9A6E-1852C82A0133.com.apple.AddressBook.data to /Volumes/Yawning Angel/Users/peter/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/DataReferences/336/6D8ED2E2-DD31-497F-9A6E-1852C82A0133.data for inode (null)\n: Too many links

this clone was set using Copy Newer and permission rebuild first. the backup hard drive also has the "ignore permissions" set in the finder get info window.

can you suggest how to deal with this ?

i see in the forums that you replied to hermes on 03-06-2008 in the thread called "advice on copy fail please" suggesting he switch to smart update. i am reluctant to use that option and understand that with Copy Newer, the backup HD will eventually fill up.

is there any other reasons why you suggest smart update over copy newer ?

thank you for your time and a great product. you may not be aware of this but i have sold it to most of my clients as well.

kind regards

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06-02-2009, 09:56 PM
The problem is that when you're using Copy Newer, complicated data structures (like your SyncServices data) aren't maintained in a way that's restorable, because data isn't ever deleted, so you can get lots of extra links, etc... as you're seeing here.

Smart Update is really the way to go if you want to be able to restore easily - and a full backup, of course, not just User Files.