View Full Version : SD Clones don't Boot . . . on first try

05-31-2009, 07:34 PM
Nothing huge (i hope:) ,
but my SuperDuper cloning started couple of new (hopefully minor) Quirks"-

My setup- MacBk & iBook (both on 10.4.11)
and an external drive, partitioned to hold the clones.

#1- MacBk- After SD indicated all done cloning (normal),
the clone would not boot.
The init display (Opt-restart) shows all the HDs,
but when I select the new clone, it won't mount.
So I redo SD, and this time the 'Done' shows much sooner,
and yes, it boots fine.

#2- (maybe related, maybe not:)
On the iBook only, I had the #1 quirk, AND one other-
when I booted on the clone, NONE of the mounted drives, in the finder panel, showed an 'Eject' icon.
I could drag them to the trash, and they ejected fine,
but the clone's finder window had no eject icons.

Again, I can live with both, but neither has happened before.
Only think I can think of- This time I did not run DiskWarrior before cloning.
Both Macs were running fine, and I didn't want the extra hassle.

ok, SD wizards wuhdidido? <g>

Thanks in advance,


05-31-2009, 08:09 PM
No idea. Sounds like maybe your system was in a weird state that cleared with the restart...