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05-28-2009, 10:46 PM

Apologies in advance... I want to be crystal clear on SD's behaviour so I don't screw up in advance of the next time my boot drive dies...

I have both an internal and external backup drive. I am doing an "erase then copy" weekly backup to the internal drive, plus daily "smart updates".

But I will also use an external backup drive, kept in another location, which will only get backed up twice a month. So I did a full clone "erase then copy" backup of the boot drive, and then added via the Finder other essential files from two other drives.

My question is: Does "smart update" always compare the content of the chosen backup drive to the source drive? So that, for instance, I can run a "smart update" of my boot drive to the internal backup drive, and then right after that, run a smart update sparse image backup to my external backup drive which will be in a much older "state" than my internal backup drive was?

Well, that's the question - I hope it makes some sense to you! My objective is to have a remotely located external drive that is bootable and no more than 2 weeks "old", but with added files from several other drives that are essential, but never really change (archive sound and photo files).

Thanks in advance -


05-29-2009, 12:02 AM
Smart Update always "live" compares the two volumes. No history is kept.

But, if you 'manually' copy files to the volume and then smart update, those 'manually' copied files will likely be deleted, right? Smart Update is just like erasing the drive, then copying the selected files from the source.