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07-02-2005, 12:16 AM
Was having problems with a Mac Cube 450M which turned out to be the hard drive. The HD would randomly run normally and then periodically excute programs and transfer data at an extremely slow speed. The hard drive never lost any data.

The hard drive was cloned to an external firewire drive and was able to suscessfully boot from the external drive. Then replaced the cube's hard drive.

Then cloned back to the cube (with the new HD). The cube booted up and all seemed good until the Apple registration page came up, which appeared like a new install rather that a clone of a workable HD. Also all (or at least most) Finder and System preferences had been reset to default. Found that many programs would not run or experienced odd operation. Then determined many folder (and their subfolders), especially in the user/library folder had red dots next to the folder indicating I did not privileges to open it. I could allow privileges thru Get Info but after 2 hours allowing privileges most application ran but still experiences some odd operation, guess I didn't find all the privilege problems.

I then erased the cube's HD again and cloned again----still same problem. Then tried the Smart Update --- problem still existed.

Not sure what why or what I did to get the first clone to the external which seems to work correctly, or maybe there is a latent problem?

I did not check the "Ignore ownership on this volume" on the target (cube) volume, the source (external) volume did not have the box to check.

How can I get the privileges to suscessfully transfer?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

07-02-2005, 08:22 AM

When you made the copy, did you use "Backup - all files"? It's quite strange that the external volume -- a full copy -- would work fine, but the internal one wouldn't.

Hopefully, you haven't messed with the external copy too much... we can try to see what's going on there.

Please contact support, and when you do so, include the SuperDuper!.log from your Library/Logs folder off your Home. (The one when booted from the external, working drive would be best...)